4Safekids @ Home

Safe Kids @ Home
A Partnership of Safe Kids China and Honeywell China
Safe Kids China and Honeywell China partnered together to launch a vacation safety program called “Safe Kids @ Home.” in 2005. The program focuses on fire, burn and poisoning prevention during the winter vacation.
Meeting an Urgent Need
In China, accidental childhood injury is the leading cause of deaths among children ages under 14. Each year nearly, 50,000 children die from accidental injuries, such as fires and poisoning, which are listed among the top five leading causes of accidental deaths among children ages under 14.
In addition, vacation is the high season for accidental injuries at home as most of the Chinese parents are on work.Some of children are left alone at home.
Therefore an education to children on home safety, especially on fire/burn and poisoning prevention is strenuous required.
Program Theme
Safe Kids @ Home with focus on the prevention of fires, burns and poisoning during the vacation
Main Activities

  • National data review and pro & post awareness survey
  • Educational brochure on vacation safety to kids;
  • Interactive learning through poster drawing competition and on-line drawing competition as well
  • In-classroom activity
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